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What are eStatements?

eStatements are electronic bank statements that you can view online. They replace the paper statements you receive in the mail. You can, at your convenience, easily view, download and print your eStatements. This is a great way to lower your exposure to identity theft, reduce clutter and get organized. Plus, eStatements are absolutely free!

How do I view my eStatements?

  1. Login to Online Banking and click on the eView button.
  2. Select the account number for the eStatement.
  3. Click the eStatement date that you wish to view.

Why should I have my statements delivered online?

  1. Identity fraud prevention.
  2. Easy access online to view, save and print each eStatement.
  3. Faster delivery than paper statements. You will receive a notification when your new eStatement is available.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

  1. If you log into Online Banking using a Flaglernet sign on, follow the prompts to enroll.
  2. If you log into Online Banking using a Flaglerbiznet sign on, contact a representative at 561-432-2122 or 561-841-3868 to enable this service.
  3. By checking the terms and conditions box, you agree to receive all available electronic statements and understand that you will not receive paper statements.

Do I have to have Online Banking to have eStatements?

Yes, Online Banking is a free service that allows you to check your account balance or recent activity, transfer between eligible accounts and electronically pay your bills.

Is there a cost to view my eStatements?

No, eStatements are FREE to all Online Banking customers.

Is it secure to view my account statement online as an eStatement?

Online Banking provides a secure environment to view your eStatements. You choose your login ID and password when you register for this service. You agree not to give or make available your login ID or password to any other person.

What accounts will I be able to receive eStatements for?

You will be able to receive eStatements for all checking and savings accounts.

How will I know when my eStatement is available?

You will receive an email from Flagler Bank to let you know when your statement will be available.

What if my email address changes?

You may change your email in online banking under the Options button.

What if my email address is not correct?

If your email is not correct we will be unable to notify you of your statement availability.

What if I want to start receiving paper copies of my account statement again?

You may elect to begin receiving your paper statement again at any time. To begin receiving your account statement on paper through the mail rather than electronically, contact a representative at 561-432-2122 or 561-841-3868 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

Who do I contact if I have questions about eStatements?

If you should ever have a question about eStatements contact a representative at 561-432-2122 or 561-841-3868 or send us an email via the Contact Us page at www.flaglerbankusa.com.


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