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Flagler Edge Business Checking

  • $100 opening deposit required
  • 250 free deposits and debits during a statement period ($0.25 per deposit or debit over 250)
  • Maintenance fee of $15 is waived if minimum daily balance of $3,000 is maintained

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Designed for the Small Business Owner or Sole Proprietor, this account will allow you the flexibility of a simplified commercial account.

  • $100 opening deposit required
  • 150 free deposits and debits during a statement period ($0.25 per deposit or debit over 150 regardless of balance maintained)
  • No minimum balance
  • Maintenance fee of $15 is waived if five debit card Point of Sale Transactions occur in one statement cycle

Business Analysis Account

  • $100 opening deposit required to get you started with a customized banking relationship
  • An “Earnings Credit” on collected balances may offset all or a portion of any maintenance charge on this type of account
  • $15 monthly maintenance fee
  • Additional per item charges may apply

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